Buckup mysql DB to BitBucket

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mysql backup

Its recommended for every sysadmin to schedule frequent backups for the systems they administer.

This will enable you have a backup of your database incase you lose your main system.


Here is a short guide on how to achieve this


If you don’t have git installed do so by running the following command



Lets Initialise our backup directory as a git repository

Got to bitbucket and create a private repository

Add the remote repository

You may be asked for your ssh credentials/keyphrase


The next step is to write a short script to that will run the backups on a daily basis

create a file called backup-mysql-to-git.sh

Make the file executable

Add the following commands to the script

Replace <db-password> with your mysql password, <db-name> with the db-name of the database you with to backup.

Once the script is ready, create a cronjob to run the script everyday. The cronjob below triggers at 12AM everyday

That’s done.

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