Deploy Cloudstack Management Server Using Ansible – Part II (Management Server)


In this section, we’ll continue setting up cloudstack Management server role using ansible

If you haven’t done so yet, kindly consider having look at the previous section before proceeding.


Let’s switch to the defaults folder under management role and update the main.yml as below;

Here we are preparing the default variables we’ll be using in this role. This includes variables such as passwords, NFS mount points, MySQL usernames e.t.c


Switch to the Templates Directory of the Management Role and create a file called cloudstack.repo.j2. Add the following content to the file

We’ll be using this template file in the next step to upload cloudstack repo. We could also use the file module to simply upload the file. In my case, I chose to use a template.


Next, we’ll look at the tasks under the management server role. Switch to management directory and update the main.yml file.


Switch to the handlers directory under the management role and update the main.yml with the following;

This is the end of Part II. Next we’ll look at Deploying KVM

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